Your Heart Knows the Destination!

Contemporary, stylish & meaningful, Destination Hotels create a
sense of destination & unique travel experiences in idyllic destinations.

Your Heart Knows the Destination: A Sense of Destination in Our Contemporary Hotels

Destination Hotels by Dreamworld brings forward the concept of experiential hospitality & unique travel experience. We provide fully - functional contemporary hotels with comfort, style and a sense of destination. We pay close attention to hotel design, ensure that the architectural design is reflective of the destination where it is located.
We go beyond just providing basic amenities and services and instead aim to engage guests on a more emotional level by offering personalized, immersive experiences.

Relive Heritage: A Fascinating Travel Experience

Destination Heritage by Dreamworld is a collection of buildings highlighting the architectural value, historical significance & heritage appeal to venture you out into another time.

At Destination Heritage by Dreamworld, we bring one - of - a kind experiences with a perfect blend of preserved heritage vibe & a comfortable stay fulfilling the needs of a modern day traveler. Our properties provide world class amenities, unique ambiance, traditional & contemporary international food cuisine, meetings & events facilities.

Why Choose Destination Hotels by Dreamworld?

Our brand, Destination Hotels by Dreamworld keeps the sense of the destination alive, offers a diverse room category with amenities & high quality service. You can find fully functional meeting & business gatherings at our hotels.
From minibars to high speed Wi –Fi & fine dining restaurant options, the whole experience at Destination Hotels by Dreamworld reflects the true essence of hospitality.

Why Choose Destination Heritage by Dreamworld?

Our brand, Destination Heritage by Dreamworld brings a collection of heritage hotels to live out your “ancient times” fantasies. Our 4 – star hotels are being restored and renovated magnificently offering guest rooms, functional meeting spaces, and aromatic choice of menus, restaurants & lounges.

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